Qimius pH Calibration Powder Pack

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We’ve packed this order with two full sets (6 sachets) of the most commonly used testing solutions all pre-measured and ready to go. Simply add them to 250 ml of distilled water, run your tests, and get fast, accurate readings in no time. It’s the perfect way to preserve, protect and monitor the health of your water.

Product Details:

  • Faster, More Accurate Results
  • Two (2) Sets per Order
  • Three (3) Sachets per Set
  • Premeasured for Ease of Use
  • Multiple Applications
  • Mix with 250 mL of Distilled Water
  • Extended Shelf Life

Measurements and Solutions:

  • Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate (4.01)
  • Mixed Phosphate (6.86)
  • Borax (9.18)

CAUTION: Not a drinkable solution!

When you need faster, more accurate pH measurement results, choose Qimius and get the best. Click ‘Add to Cart’ Now to get Yours.

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