pH Test Strips

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Alkaline Diet

Qimius pH Test Strips is a great addition to your Alkaline Diet program and tools. It is essential for you to make sure of how your diet is going and so you need to check your pH on daily basis. The right pH levels are always an indication of healthy body and balanced chemicals in your system.

Your pH Health

The pH Level in your body might be an indication for other health issues, which we recommend to be reported to your Nutritionist or your doctor. Qimius pH Test Strips measure the pH balance in your body. It is made for you to be on top of your health. There is nothing like feeling Healthy and happy about your body and how you treat yourself.

  • Measures Personal Acidity/Alkaline Levels
  • Enhanced Accuracy
  • Results in Just 15 Seconds
  • Non-Absorbent Paper
  • Test Range: 4.5 - 9.0
  • 100 Strips per Order
  • 2-Year Shelf Life
  • Paper Strips and Chemical Bands Made in Japan

Improve your health and wellness by monitoring your daily pH levels. In just seconds you could learn how to approach each day a bit better. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to get your test strips

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