pH Testing Drops

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Transparency is King!
The tested water will have a transparent color. If you compare the resulted water with a color code printed on some carton box or on the back of the product, there will be some difficulty. The color of the resulted tested water will be easier to check if compared with a similar color composure.

We introduce a Key Chain Color Chart Card made of high quality plastic that will help you check the results easier than any other pH Testing Drops in the market. The card is tran​sparent and the color code on a transparent plastic card will offer a similar color nature to this in the tested water. This will make it easier to check the result of the tested water and get an unprecedented pH level accuracy.

The high durability of having the Color Chart on a plastic card makes it easier and exciting to use it to test the pH. The plastic card will not get wet or messy even if it was immersed in the water. Of course, we added the Key Hole for those interested to keep the card on them any where they go.
  • 6-Pack of 10ml Bottles
  • Test pH Balance of Water, Saliva and all Clear Liquids
  • Includes pH Scale Chart and Testing Tube

It is the best method of testing pH Balance in all clear color liquids such as Water and Saliva. It is so perfect for home made soap and lotion. It has a very accurate results so to make sure the making o your home products is going in the right direction.

Moreover, the pack has a plastic card for the color chart that of course non-absorbent, so it will never make any miss while checking the pH level against the color chart. It has a key hole for you to keep it in your pocket whenever needed

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